Homemade Butterbeer Recipe


After our experience with the terrible butterbeer at the Yule Ball, we’ve been craving some of it’s deliciousness every since! After being badgered day after day to make some, I finally gave in this weekend and whipped up a batch from my super awesome recipe, which I’m about to share with you. Continue reading “Homemade Butterbeer Recipe”

V-Day: The Date that Got Nerdier than Originally Intended

Valentine’s Day gets a lot of flack. True, I hate the commercialization of it. And the ignorant, romantic teenage version of myself thought it was stupid. Why do we need a day to celebrate love? Shouldn’t we celebrate love all the time? Yes, teenage Bailey, we should. But now that I’m an adult with a child who takes a fair bit of our time and money, I’ve realized that Valentine’s Day is just a wonderful excuse to spend some money for gifts and have some quality time alone as a couple. Continue reading “V-Day: The Date that Got Nerdier than Originally Intended”

Yule Ball and Yucky Butterbeer

This weekend, Taylor and I geeked out and went to the pinnacle event of any true Potterhead. That’s right. The Yule Ball.

IMG_0434I was ramped up for this all week. Especially in light of Alan Rickman’s recent passing away, it seemed like the perfect way to spend my weekend. We got our tickets last minute, so I hounded over Amazon, looking for clothing to match our appropriate, while self-chosen houses (in case you didn’t know, Slytherin is the best house, but we’ll talk about that another time). Continue reading “Yule Ball and Yucky Butterbeer”

In Memoriam

This week we’ve lost two legends to cancer. My heart goes out to the family and loved ones of David Bowie and Alan Rickman. I hope to see their names commemorated at this year’s Academy Awards.

These two talented people were prominent members of my childhood, and I’m sure many others of my generation can relate. I feel it’s only right to pay my respects and tribute.

tumblr_nj1z40ylkj1soplvbo2_r1_400Labyrinth was always a childhood favorite, and I watch it at least once a year. It’s that weird movie that I tell my friends is so awesome, and then they watch it and just don’t get it because their childhood was deprived. As I grew up, I grew more in love with Jareth. I’ve always said David Bowie is a god for pulling off pants that tight, hair that long, and make-up that bright all the while still looking incredibly hot. His music and subsequent music videos also were revolutionary, paving the way for modern pop artists, such as Lady Gaga. He’s been an icon in every respect. See you waiting among the stars, Starman.


in memoriumAs for Alan Rickman, I don’t know where to begin. Today was kind of an ironic day for him to pass for me personally. My Slytherin outfit that I’m wearing to a Yule Ball on Saturday showed up in the mail today. I woke up this morning, eager to check and see if my package had arrived, when everyone told me to check the news. A melodramatic, Luke-Skywaler-esque “NO!” involuntarily erupted from my lips. I’m so sad, but glad that his suffering is over.

Alan Rickman was a figure in my life from a young age as well. I grew up watching him, pre-Harry Potter era, from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves to Galaxy Quest to Sense and Sensibility. He seemed to always steal the show in my opinion, and I long awaited the day when he would win an Oscar; he is more than deserving in my opinion. Then, when I saw Harry Potter, I was not disappointed with his brilliant portrayal of Professor Severus Snape, the unlikely hero. He captured fans’ hearts around the world and left us a beautiful legacy. Alan Rickman, thank you for your brilliance and the joy you’ve spread. You’ll be in our hearts always.