Welcome. Won’t you have some tea?


 I’m Bailey McGinnis, the creator of Fictional Fox. As one who has urges to write and has tried blogging multiple times, I had this itch, but couldn’t think of anything to say without being the dreadful bore than I am. Then I realized how far I stood alone in my bookish and nerdy nature amongst my female peers in my morning yoga class. This internet oasis was created as an attempt to find others like me out in society and to add a bit more of the colorful, feminine perspective into the world. After all, we chic geeks must stay together.

I do hope you enjoy your visit and that you’ll join in as I discuss books, fandoms, and the shocking adventures of my small family over a spot of tea in a hoity-toity accent.

On a more serious note, I do review books and products relating to the vagrant nerd lifestyle. To discuss my review and/or reading services, please make use of my contact page.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Bailey:

    I love that you’re onboard with being you!

    In my opinion, the only thing you have to have in common with your yoga class (if even that) is all of you appear to see the merit of coming to a yoga class.

    Otherwise, who knows and frankly, you seem too busy to really care.

    Enjoy and keep geeking!!!


    1. Thanks, Jen! I appreciate the support. And you’re right! I am just trying to be me, which has been a hard thing for some reason for a lot of my life. It has felt good to not care as much what people think and to put it all out there!

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