Blasphemy: Burn, Rewrite, Reread

Alright, everyone. I’m sorry for being a horrible blogger. I had all these things I was going to post this week, and it just didn’t happen. I will do better! I promise!

I do have this tag to share however. I saw it on (Over)Analysing Literature, and I just had to do it! I loved watching Chloe squirm.

Here’s the rules. Go to your read shelf on Goodreads, and choose to sort by random. From there, scroll down and divide the books that appear in groups of three. In each group, choose a book to burn, rewrite, or reread.

This is book blasphemy! Let’s get started, shall we?

Round I


Ugh. And of course we start on a hard one.

Burn: I’d burn Fire Bringer. Ironic, huh? I actually quite enjoyed this book. But…I don’t need it as much as I do the other two. Sorry! Sorry I’m not sorry.

Rewrite: I don’t know how I could rewrite Mister Monday to be any better. Maybe add some more description?! I don’t know. This book is so quirky, and I’ve read it at least three times and never found anything I’ve wanted to change about it.

Reread: But I can’t burn or rewrite Wild. I just can’t. The story is way too personal! The author already did too fantastic of a job on this invigorating memoir. It was too great of a read. I loved her redemption story.

Round II


Burn: I…I would burn Ender’s Game. It pains me to type that out. But I would burn it. The best part about it is the twist at the end, so I think that if I were to read it again, the tension would be missing and it wouldn’t have the mind blowing surprise.

Rewrite: I’d rewrite Eye of Minds because it had a great concept, but it could use a little work to make the overall experience of reading it more enjoyable.

Reread: At least this pick was easy. Gotta reread Six of Crows. I can’t wait for Crooked Kingdom in a couple months.

Round III


Okay…this is just…heresy! Who’s the witch that created this tag?

Burn: It’s not that I don’t love the Lunar Chronicles, but out of this list, I’d burn Cinder. Another ironic title being thrown to the flame. It’s the weakest of the series from what I’ve read thus far so as long as I don’t eradicate the whole story out of existence, I’m okay with burning this one.

Rewrite: I’d have to rewrite The Ocean at the End of the Lane, if only to make it longer…but it was already so perfect! Such a good book!

Reread: I need to reread The Well of Ascension and this whole series. I vaguely remember what happens and thinking how brilliant the whole first Mistborn trilogy was as I read it. I need to go back and see if that still holds true.

Round IV


Burn: No questions about it this time. I would burn Water for Elephants so fast. Hate that book. In fact, I sold my copy to a used bookstore just the other day.

Rewrite: Somehow, I’d rewrite The Hobbit. Don’t know how, but I would. Maybe I’d just do as Peter Jackson did and incorporate the Silmarillion so we could get rid of that book altogether.

Reread: The Crucible is one of my favorite classic plays. I read it a couple times in junior high and high school. My dream is to someday play Abigail.

Round V


Burn: Sorry, Sanderson, but I gotta burn The Emperor’s Soul. Don’t hate me.

Rewrite: I could’ve done with some things removed from Every Heart an Open Doorway so that’s an easy choice.

Reread: Soulless was charming enough that I’d reread it. In like 10 years maybe.

Round VI


Burn: It comes down to a book I love and a book I hate for burn and rewrite. Unfortunately, my gut says I have to burn the book I love. Bye, bye, Rebel Angels. It’s not you; it’s me. It was good times!

Rewrite: I will rewrite The Crown’s Game only because I love Russia so much, and Mother Russia deserves better than what this book had to offer and depicted. It makes me angry that such a great plot and wonderful setting was so poorly executed in this book. We need a decent YA book set in Russia!

Reread: I’ve already read Mockingjay four, maybe five times. What’s one more time? Besides I could never burn or rewrite a book from this trilogy. Ever. Katniss may be the Girl on Fire, but I don’t want her to literally be on fire! That would be terrible!

I feel slightly masochistic, having enjoyed this tag so much. If you read this far, I tag you! But seriously do the tag. It was fun!

I had a lovely evening meeting author Kiersten White, which I will post about on Monday so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Have a good weekend everyone!





7 thoughts on “Blasphemy: Burn, Rewrite, Reread

      1. I just am really attracted to the whole idea of using a historical situation to make people aware of a modern problem. To me, that is historical fiction at its very finest. And it’s quite an entertaining play besides that. I’d love to see it performed one day, as I’ve only read it/seen the movie adaptation.

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  1. I considered doing this tag, for about 3 seconds. If it were random picks, I’d know for sure some of my favorites would end up in serious danger. I don’t do that. (Just ask my toddler, who likes to play with books, including mine…)


  2. I can’t believe you burned Cinder! Granted I didn’t read it yet, but in every review I read people say they fell in love. This tag sounds fun and extremely excruciating….totally going to do it soon!


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