Bookish Candles and the Power of Scent

Once upon a time, when I was President of the Honors Program to be exact, I was sitting during in a fascinating, Honors-exclusive lecture by a psychology professor on the psychology of scent. Apparently, scent is a more powerful factor than I had ever realized. It was during this lecture that I learned:

  • Aside from lifestyle factors, scent is the number one indicator of compatibility in romantic relationships.
  • If someone of the opposite sex smells bad to you, it may just be because your immune systems are too similar. Genetic diversity is a good thing so your body is saying, “Hey there! Don’t fornicate with this individual because you’ll probably produce immunity compromised babies!”
  • Birth control, however, negates this bodily function. So often times, when women go off birth control to get pregnant and are having fertility issues, their partner suddenly smells bad to them.
  • The amount of tips a stripper or pole dancer receives when she is ovulating usually goes up by 200% because of the pheromones she’s giving off and entering the noses of on lookers. On the flip side, they go down when she is menstruating. For the record, I don’t endorse this kind of behavior but I do find it to be an interesting statistic.

What does this have to do with candles you may ask? Well, admittedly not much. I just wanted to demonstrate the power of smell and share these fun facts.


In other words, smells are important, and I like how these candles smell.


IMG_0296I bought my first bookish candles from Seven Hearts Wax Co., who was generous enough to give me a discount in exchange for a review. And I have to say, I am in love! I chose two scents: Butter Brew and Poison Apple. Butter Brew smells exactly like Butterbeer. It is perfection. Additionally, the packaging is beautiful. Doesn’t it look great sitting up on my bookshelf?

But I gotta say, Poison Apple takes the cake! I’m sad that I only got tea lights as opposed to a large candle. The scent is potent, but not overpowering. It’s got a green apple note, but overall is still warm and bright. I love it! It makes my living room smell delicious.

And honestly, the two scents compliment each other well so I don’t mind having both of them in the same room.

These are 100% soy candles and handmade by Rachel. She has many other books represented in her shop and scents. She also sells soap, wax melts, and lip care. These smell divine, and I like books and I like candles, and I like book candles! Thus, I will definitely be visiting her shop again. Check her out on Etsy!


3 thoughts on “Bookish Candles and the Power of Scent

  1. Very interesting stats on smells… I don’t endorse the pole dancing either, but I completely believe that one – decades of biological research into the animal kingdom have shown that’s a very important factor when choosing mates.

    As someone who’s sensitive to certain sensory experiences, I wonder if it really worked in his favor that my husband doesn’t wear aftershave… I found I couldn’t date guys who wore cologne!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha! Well, generally I’m more sensitive to touch or to loud noise than smell…but certain types of scents – for example, designer cologne – can be too much.


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