Fictional Fashion: Elizabeth Bennet

Confession: I love to create outfits inspired by characters or stories that I love. Some I own, some I don’t, but I figured I would share some of my ideas here a few times a month.

pride-6This first outfit is inspired by Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. Everyone loves Lizzy. She’s smart, strong and independent, but also a bit of a country bumpkin and tomboy. 

Which is why I chose this tunic from Sahalie. The empire waist line gives it that Regency, Jane Austen look. The tightness on top with the loose bottom is also flattering for most body types. The material is also flexible for weight fluctuation. I want this shirt so badly! If Ivory isn’t your color, they have different color options.

While Elizabeth would’ve worn a dress and skirts, I thought a modern version of her would wear a good pair of women’s breeches, like these ones by Devon Aire. Since these are actually riding breeches, they have structure while also freedom of movement, similar to jeggings.

Last but not least, Elizabeth is “rather fond of walking” and therefore needs a good pair of shoes. Ladies in Elizabeth’s day would’ve worn boots. For that reason, I chose a simple pair of riding style boots from Yodox. These also reflect the clothing of the men during the Regency period. Any pair of knee high, practical boots would be suitable.

elizabeth-bennet-and-elizabeth-bennet-brown-coat-galleryTo transform this into a winter or fall look, simply add a v-neck overcoat. In the film, my favorite piece Elizabeth wears is this gorgeous coat. I have looked high and low for a replica or something similar, unsuccessfully. If I ever do find one, I will be buying it. Period.

But a suitable alternative would be this Olive Brown Wool Overcoat from Forever 21. It’s vintage looking and has the deep V-neck in the front.



Now put your hair in a chignon, and you’re ready to roam the English countryside!

I have a few ideas for characters, but if you have any requests, do let me know.

Thanks, darlings, and tootle loo!



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