January Dreams by Carrigan Richards

29059740I apologize in advanced for any uncouth language or behavior displayed in my following remarks. My feelings are a little mixed when it comes to this book. And when I say a little, I mean a lot.

My first words upon finishing were none other than, “What the hell?” I couldn’t help but blurt it out loud.

The beginning of the book left a bitter taste in my mouth. The fancifulness and ridiculous swooning nature of the protagonist, Megan, recalled my memories of my own fanciful, ridiculous self in high school, a part of my life that I’d rather forget. Unfortunately, I related all too well with Megan’s overthinking of romantic dreams and looks from a cute guy.

Megan is just your average school girl, dying to get out of high school and move away to college. She begins having intense, romantic dreams of Casper, the most popular and desired boy in school. But in reality, she hates Casper. As her visions and dreams continue, she becomes more consumed and closer to the truth of what her dreams mean.

My first real issue with the book stemmed from it being marketed as a YA Fantasy. I would classify the book as a paranormal romance with some fantastical elements because aside from some dates, kisses, text messages, and dreams of a sexual awakening nature almost nothing happens in the book till the last few chapters. And of course, there was a love triangle. It wouldn’t be a proper paranormal love affair without a love triangle. The romance was fairly predictable. The combination of gushiness and embarrassing memories made me nauseous.

But my morbid curiosity spurred me to keep reading.

At least Casper and Megan actually had chemistry, which is more than I can say for other still-a-better-love-story-than-twilight-electricitybooks I’ve read recently. Also, I appreciated that the abusive, unhealthy relationship in the love triangle was at least portrayed as just that: abusive and unhealthy! What a breath of fresh air after the disturbing trend of modern fiction glamorizing manipulation and maltreatment.

As I said earlier, I felt a serious lack of action throughout the book, up until the ending, where the plot took a serious turn. Not a completely unexpected turn, but a major turn nevertheless. It was gripping, it was exciting, and with so little time left in the book, I was wondering how it would ever be resolved.

The short answer? It didn’t. Which thoroughly angered me. But at least it got an emotional reaction. We end on a complete cliff hanger to set up the sequel, which I don’t know if I’ll read or not.

Like I said, I have mixed feelings. I will say though that Carrigan Richards does have great technical skills as a writer, and I will be sampling another one of her books.

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Till tomorrow, darlings!



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