Homemade Butterbeer Recipe


After our experience with the terrible butterbeer at the Yule Ball, we’ve been craving some of it’s deliciousness every since! After being badgered day after day to make some, I finally gave in this weekend and whipped up a batch from my super awesome recipe, which I’m about to share with you.

I created this recipe once upon a time in an attempt to live my dreams and check some stuff off my bucket list. Like every self-proclaimed Harry Potter, I’ve dreamed of the day when I’d receive my Hogwarts letter and thereafter make it Hogsmeade during my third year so I could venture into The Three Broomsticks and try butterbeer. Unfortunately, I never recieved said letter and I don’t have the funds to travel to Harry Potterland, so it seemed my dreams would have to wait. If I couldn’t buy butterbeer, I was going to make butterbeer. Thus my recipe was born after some research and perusing what claimed to be “the best homemade butterbeer recipes.”

But now, I give you truly the most delicious butterbeer you will find outside of Hogsmeade! I’ve used this several times for parties, movie marathons, or just whenever I feel like it!




Servings: A lot. We can easily use 3 large bottles of cream soda with this recipe.

5 tablespoons butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp rum extract
3/4 heavy whipping cream
1/8 salt
2+ liters of Cream Soda

1. First, you’re gonna create your butterbeer serum! In a saucepan on medium heat, whisk together the butter, brown sugar, whipping cream, and salt. Let it simmer for 5-6 minutes. Stir occasionally.

Note: It is easier if you allow the butter to melt in the pan first, but it doesn’t make a terrible difference if you don’t.

2. Remove from heat and mix in the vanilla and rum extract. Let it cool to about room temperature, or as in my case, till you’re sick of waiting after about ten minutes.

3. Put a tablespoon or two of your butterbeer serum into the bottom a glass, pour in your cream soda, and wallah! You have made butterbeer.

Ta-da! That’s really it! Pretty easy and very tasty. I’ve had questions about creating foam in the past. When you add your cream soda to the butterbeer serum, the reaction will automatically create a lovely foam for you. However, you can also add whipped cream if you’d like on top for extra dimension and fluffiness.

To store the serum, simply refrigerate. I like to put my left overs in a small mason jar. It will hold for about 4-5 days or so.








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